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We at G.G.Telecom are proud of our endless list of birthright participant serviced from the program’s inception and many other large missions, synagogue, church and tour group.

G.G.Telecom has made the logistics of cell phone rental in Israel a science!

We provide the combination of knowledge, functional expertise and program-management flexibility to customize a package that will meet our client's specific needs.

With G.G.Telecom you are ensured the highest quality of service.

Our priority at G.G.Telecoms is the customers convenience, for groups, missions as well as individual travelers.

Our added value includes:

FREE incoming calls and text
  messages from anywhere

Cellular numbers assigned before
  departure that can give out to
  family and friends

Website that allows viewing of all
  order details and assigned

American local phone numbers
  available to receive calls on Israeli
  cellular phone

The best rates for Blackberry and
  AIR CARD Rentals.

Convenient access to e-mails and internet with the best coverage in Israel

We at G.G.Telecom make sure
  that you will receive the most
  helpful Customer Service round the

10 minutes free calling to world wild

Toll-free phone/fax numbers in many countries

For further Information as well as price offer please do not hesitate to contact us

Israel Tel Aviv + 972 52 3327 777 (George) | Israel Jerusalem + 972 50 5286 282 (Shimon)
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